Endor Labs User Documentation

The Endor Labs user documentation portal includes all essential technical documentation and release details you need to utilize the application and its APIs.

fe sun

Getting started

Configure the Endor Labs tenant and start scanning your projects.

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fe terminal

endorctl CLI

Learn how to customize and use the endorctl command line utility.

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fe command

Run scans

Use Endor Labs to scan and secure your codebase and software infrastructure.

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fe key

Detect secrets

Detect and triage leaked credentials or secrets.

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fe bookmark

Policy management

Efficiently manage and enforce policies to enhance security and compliance.

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fe cloud

Discover integrations

Streamline processes by building integrations with third-party systems.

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fe settings


Learn how to configure and manage important settings.

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fe check-square


Learn about SBOM and VEX documents to strengthen software transparency.

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fe file-text

Keep up with the releases

Stay up-to-date about our newest features and enhancements.

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