Scan projects

This section provides in depth scanning strategies, reference architectures and guides to scanning with Endor Labs.

Scan for open source risks

Scan and detect publicly exposed open source issues posing risks to your organization.

Scanning strategies

Learn strategies to best scan your projects with Endor Labs.

Scoping scans

Learn how to effectively scope your scans with Endor Labs inclusion and exclusion patterns.

Working with monorepos

Learn strategies to best work with large monorepos.

SCM Posture Management

Learn about managing the posture of your source code management system.

Perform scans in CI pipelines

Learn how to implement Endor Labs across CI pipelines.

Scan artifacts and binaries (Beta)

Detect and manage software supply chain risks by scanning software binaries and artifacts using Endor Labs.

Scan from your IDE

Use Endor Labs Visual Studio code extension plugin

Rescan projects

Rescan your GitHub projects with Endor Labs

Scan containers (Beta)

Learn how to scan your containers with Endor Labs.