API Versions

Learn how to specify which REST API version to use whenever you make a request to the Endor Labs REST API.

About API versioning

The Endor Labs REST API is versioned. Any breaking changes will be released in a new API version.

New endpoints, fields, and enum values are backwards compatible within the same version.

For every new version of the API that is released, the major version is specified in the URL. For example, https://api.endorlabs.com/v1/namespaces/my_namespace/projects uses version 1 of the endpoint, per the v1 path segment.

Each resources have their versions specified in the field meta.version. For example the following resource has version 1 per the v1 value for the field meta.version.

  "meta": {
    "create_time": "2023-12-05T00:04:21.853Z",
    "kind": "Project",
    "name": "https://github.com/my_organization/my_repository.git",
    "update_time": "2024-05-01T16:50:03.830911988Z",
    "version": "v1"
  "uuid": "656e69058032bf0abaaeb681"

When using the endorctl command-line tool to access the API, new endpoints, fields, or enum values are not available if your version of endorctl is older than the API version. Make sure to keep endorctl up-to-date to access the latest features and endpoints. For more information, see Install and configure endorctl.

Check latest API version using curl

To check the latest API version using curl, run the following command:

curl -s https://api.endorlabs.com/meta/version | jq .Service.Version

Example request using curl

curl -s https://api.endorlabs.com/meta/version | jq .Service.Version

Check latest endorctl version

To get both the current and the latest version of endorctl, run the following command:

endorctl --version

In addition to your current version of endorctl you will also see a notification such as the following if a newer version of endorctl is available.

Example request using endorctl

endorctl --version
endorctl version v1.6.293
A newer version of endorctl is available v1.6.317 - currently v1.6.293