Endor Labs License Types

Understand Endor Labs licensing model and choose the right plan for your organization needs.

Endor Labs application is available as the following offerings:

Offering Description
Endor Labs Supply Chain Endor Labs Supply Chain is a single platform for open-source dependency management, CI/CD security, and compliance.
Endor Labs Open Source Core Endor Labs Open Source Core includes basic SCA and SBOM capabilities.
Endor Labs Open Source Pro Endor Labs Open Source Pro includes all components of Endor Labs Open Source Core with additional features.
Endor Labs CI/CD Endor Labs CI/CD includes components to strengthen the security posture of source code repositories and verify the integrity of your builds.
Endor Labs SBOM Hub Endor Labs SBOM Hub includes components to help manage your third-party SBOMs and generate findings.
Endor Labs Secrets Endor Labs Secrets includes components to help you detect and prevent secret leaks.

For more details on Endor Labs’ offerings and the features they include, see pricing and packaging.