Use the update command to update an API object.


To interactively update a project with the UUID of 6549886f0dd828140b4a477b:

endorctl api update -r Project -i --uuid=6549886f0dd828140b4a477b

To add a tag “CrownJewel” to a project named https://github.com/endorlabs/github-action use the following command:

endorctl api update -r Project --name=https://github.com/endorlabs/github-action -d "{ \"meta\": {\"tags\": [ \"CrownJewel\" ] }}" --field-mask 'meta.tags'


  • Use --interactive to update an object with an interactive code editor.
    • Define your editor using export EDITOR=<editor> where the editor is defined as the command used to edit files. For example, export EDITOR=vi allows you to edit in vi and export EDITOR=code opens the file with the code command in VScode.