Learn how to sort results from the Endor Labs REST API.

Sort allows you to sort objects in ascending (default) or descending order. Similar to filter keys, a sort-path key is used to specify the field to sort the objects by, using a dot-delimited path.

The following example shows how to sort findings based on create time, in descending order:

endorctl api list --resource Finding \
  --sort-path "meta.create_time" \
  --sort-order descending
curl --get \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer $ENDOR_TOKEN" \
  --url "$ENDOR_NAMESPACE/findings?list_parameters.sort.path=meta.create_time&list_parameters.sort.order=SORT_ENTRY_ORDER_DESC"
@baseUrl =
@token = <insert-access-token>
@namespace = <insert-namespace>

GET {{baseUrl}}/v1/namespaces/{{namespace}}/findings?list_parameters.sort.path=meta.create_time7list_parameters.sort.order=SORT_ENTRY_ORDER_DESC HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Sort order

The following sort orders are supported:

Option Description
ascending Ascending order (default)
descending Descending order
Value Description
SORT_ENTRY_ORDER_ASC Ascending order (default)
SORT_ENTRY_ORDER_DESC Descending order