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Use the sync-org command to sync all projects in a GitHub organization to Endor Labs.

Use the endorctl sync-org command to create projects for all the unscanned repositories in your GitHub organization. This does not automatically scan the projects. It creates projects in Endor Labs, measures scan coverage across a GitHub organization, and gives you visibility into your source control repository.


To sync your GitHub organization to Endor Labs:

  • Export a GitHub token that can read all projects in your GitHub organization. To run the sync-org command you need at least repo and read:org permissions.
export GITHUB_TOKEN=<insert-github-token>
  • Run the sync-org command
endorctl sync-org --name=endorlabs


The endorctl sync-org command uses the following flags and environment variables:

Flag Environment Variable Description
name ENDOR_SYNC_ORG_NAME Set the full name of the organization. Example: endorlabs
github-api-url ENDOR_SYNC_ORG_GITHUB_API_URL Set the URL for API requests to GitHub Enterprise Cloud or GitHub Enterprise Server (default
platform-source ENDOR_SYNC_ORG_GITHUB_API_URL Set the platform source (default github).
uuid ENDOR_SYNC_ORG_UUID Set the UUID of the github installation.