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Popularity score factors

Popularity scores indicate how popular is the repository. Popularity information is based on metadata gathered from a code hosting and version control system such as GitHub. Popular repositories are more likely to be maintained.

The following factors have a positive contribution to the popularity score:

  • Many reputable contributors affiliated with the project indicates that the project is reliable. An account is considered reputable if it participates in multiple open-source projects and has a high rating on GitHub.
  • The project includes many stars indicating an interest in the project.
  • Having subscribers indicates interest in the project.
  • Includes many subscribers
  • Includes a high number of dependent projects.
  • Includes many forks.
  • Some released artifacts of the repository are downloaded many times indicating the project is popular.

The following factors have a negative contribution to the activity score:

  • Low fork count may indicate a lack of interest in the project.
  • Few subscribers may mean a lack of interest in the project.
  • Few stars may mean a lack of interest in the project.